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 Un-Ban Ex!t-_-King

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Un-Ban Ex!t-_-King Empty
PostSubject: Un-Ban Ex!t-_-King   Un-Ban Ex!t-_-King EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 11:57 am

Unban : Ex!t-_-King
UID : 11410773

reason to un ban: He left to make 4v4 wa kman kan 3ando zrof fel beit wa el klam dah 7asel wna m3ah kan fy f3len mshakel fel lane wa hwa mesh left runed the game hwa left wa 5lah 4V4 wa kman lw 2y 7ad 3ndo zrof fel beit kan lazem yleave 3la tool dah kman left 3shan yl5leha 4v4 OMG hwa 3shan kda ban 15 days this is the link of Ban
plz unban wa kman all know that all EXITs are good manerd players who do not leave
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Un-Ban Ex!t-_-King Empty
PostSubject: Re: Un-Ban Ex!t-_-King   Un-Ban Ex!t-_-King EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 12:52 pm

1st thats not ur ban link, 2nd still no reason to unban you, if u left to make it balanced, then why u are reported?. 3rd if you got to go for smthing important or w/e then you shouldnt play from the begining.

- Denied
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Un-Ban Ex!t-_-King
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