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UnBan T.F_BUFF   Empty
PostSubject: UnBan T.F_BUFF    UnBan T.F_BUFF   EmptyWed Oct 06, 2010 1:53 pm

Here Is The ReQuest:
I wanna say : that is not a true MapHack
as u can see .. mirana got vision of troll when he was near mort:
UnBan T.F_BUFF   Lolzdfbg
as u can see .. he clicked on troll while he got vision of him !
Explain why u still see red cricle near the rune:
u still see the red circel ... because mirana didnt click anything else .. the red circel will dissappere if he clicked on anything else .. but he didnt do that !
and u can see that he have the red circel in the heros which he got vision of them before !
ya3ni anta law btfight hero .. we hwa killed u .. anta d3't 3leh before the fog is on ... htzhr el dayra el 7amra t7th l7d ma td3't 3ala ay 7aga taneya ...
we kl el red circels kda nafs el nzam ... lma clicked in es .. hwa kan dead we b3d kda clicked on es before the fog is on .. and the red circl disappered when he clicked on Centure !
والله اعلم !
ana la a3rf buff wala a3rf ramy .. wala bl3ab fe egypt aslan .. bas shoft el ban dh we m3gbnesh !
yA rab tkono fhmto 7aga mn ele ana 2olth .. 3ashan ana nfse it32dt ! Very Happy
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UnBan T.F_BUFF   Empty
PostSubject: Re: UnBan T.F_BUFF    UnBan T.F_BUFF   EmptyWed Oct 06, 2010 5:42 pm


My friend .. i also was shocked when i read the ban request i could not believe that he is using maphack ..

bas lel 2sf check the replay there are several suspecious marks . although his game playing does not seem to be a maphacker at all he was easly ganged ...

We can not say that it's bug we may define it a bug when it occurs once in a replay ...

but unfortunely there was several marks in fog which cannot be ignored or taken as Bugs ..

With all my respect .. Vamp

Request denied

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